Fern Ravine Planting Day with Friends of Sausal Creek! Saturday, February 11, 2012.

Misty morning, perfect for planting! First to go in the ground were two big sword ferns rescued from the Big Trees Trail re-route in summer of 2010. As I was on that Volunteers for Outdoor California (V-O-Cal) project, and in fact was a bit mortified to have to dig out one of the sword ferns that were in the path of the new trail, seeing them go into the ground here at Fern Ravine made me inordinately (or, ordinately!) happy. : – D

My still photos from that V-O-Cal day are actually on SD chips in storage at the moment, but here is a snippet of video from the big Saturday push:

(And if this seems like a tangent, well, I don’t think it is! The majority of us begin to know our wildlands from within the comfort of a trail’s penumbra, and V-O-Cal is unparalleled at mobilizing hundreds of volunteers in big weekend work parties to build, restore, and re-route hiking trails throughout Northern California. And they are so good at it, and make the weekends so much fun for the participants, that they are one of my three main models for how to run an awesomely effective volunteer organization.)

After the sword ferns, it was on to planting starflowers under the redwoods!

And then, we spent the remainder of the increasingly mist-wreathed morning planting dozens of Blue Wild Rye (Elymus glaucus) plugs on the slope just north of the main wetland.

A pretty wonderful day, really. Good work in good company, what could be better! Here’s a slideshow of the better pics, to round things out. Better yet, come out for the next one!!

(Click for full Flickr album, slideshow symbol is in upper right)
Fern Ravine Planting Day with Friends of Sausal Creek! Saturday, February 11, 2012.

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