Conclusive Broom Removal Begins, and We Plant the First Native Wildflowers!! Sunday, February 5, and Onwards!

Clearing away the French broom overburden, as VOA has done, is a cool first step, but broom is awfully tough — it resprouts sevenfold, with heavily ramified roots and seried stems that are v.difficult to pull and vastly more time-consuming to girdle than the original, gracile single stems. And mature broom plants produce up to 10,000 seeds each, with a longevity in the soil of up to 20+ years… The broom thicket here has clearly been similarly cleared before, maybe 10-20 years ago, and it roared back stronger than ever; and it shall do so again, unless…

Natives planted today include winter cress, phacelia, hedge nettle (not actually a nettle; goodness knows where some of these common names come from!), mule ears, and California poppy. A great big thank you to all the wonderful folks at the native plant nursery!!


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