Montclair Park Restoration Project, Sausal Creek Watershed. Tuesday, January 24, 2012.

Things are beginning to get exciting! The application process is now underway for getting a volunteer restoration project rolling here soon, very much along the lines of the splendid nearby projects on the Montclair Railroad Trail and in Beaconsfield Canyon.

For background on the wonderful opportunities for invasive weed removal, habitat restoration and community involvement right here in Montclair Park, see my post of June 24 of last year: .

And for additional photos of the Slope above the pond, showing both the challenge and the great potential on this sunny, west-facing exposure (just imagine this slope replanted with native bunchgrasses and wildflowers, as has so beautifully been done elsewhere in the watershed!) :

And for a wider view of the terrain, showing the Slope in context:

What a beautiful place this can be, with folks pitching in for just a few hours per month! If you would like updates on when the volunteer work here begins, please just leave a comment below or write me directly at .

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