Old Camp in Joaquin Miller Park Near Redwood Bowl

Amazing what one can stumble across, in the company of friends who suggest taking that path that leads off just to the right…

In this instance what we seem to have found is an old Police Activities League youth camp, one of multiple such sites scattered along the upper margins of Joaquin Miller Park near its boundary with Redwood Regional Park. I know little else about it, other than that it is in a beautiful setting and still seems quite functional. The boards over the doors are not nailed, but merely hinged and locked; and a peek over the top of one of them showed the cabin inside to be clean, pleasant, and readily habitable.

Hopefully someone is still putting this lovely camp to good use, and in a way that takes advantage of the marvelous natural classroom of oak woodland, manzanita chaparral, and big second-growth redwoods that are all within a stone’s throw of these cabins.

Here is a panoramic photo series of the entire camp, beginning with a generally northward view and then panning clockwise.  As always, clicking on the fullscreen icon in the lower right of the Flickr slideshow window provides the best images with the most detail:

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