East Ridge Broom Pull: Beautiful New Prairie and Newly Discovered Patch of the Big Stuff! Saturday, July 2, 2011

Today started off clear, bright, warm, and beautiful, with a lively crew trotting down the trail towards a rendezvous with the broom seedlings south of Prince.  Most of the big stuff around here got cleared years ago, and the main task of late has been the annual mopping-up of the new seedlings that keep popping up for some years after the main thickets are gone. So people staked out pleasant stretches of trailside and got to work!

But Alain was in a scouting mood, so a few of us trooped off west through the coyote brush. And stumbled on a beautiful patch of bunchgrass prairie, and a conflagration of broom roaring up from below.

To be continued!

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