Montclair Redwood Project: Mapping the Ancient Forest

There is a lot of conjecture about where our immense ancient redwoods once stood, and about how far the forest extended beyond what we see today, but apparently no one has definitively sleuthed it.  It is written that there is little evidence to go on.

I wonder if perhaps the evidence might just be sitting at the corner of Mountain Blvd. and Fernwood Drive, and in a thousand places like it.  If anyone has ever seen a first-growth redwood form a shelf twelve feet wide and two to three feet high, as in this photograph, I would be grateful for the details.

And if any of you spot redwoods with similarly suggestive bases in locales not generally thought of as having lain within the ancient forest, I would be immensely grateful for that as well.  With full credit to the finders!


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