Sibley Regional Park Restoration Workday, Round Top Creek Drainage. Sunday, June 19, 2011.

For those who like epic walls of broom, this is the place!  As you’ll see a bit further down this post, there are acres upon acres of tall, old-growth broom thickets that have swept across the grasslands and buried the remnant bunchgrasses, Ithuriel’s spear, blue-eyed grass, buckwheat.  And for those who prefer deep, shady woods, there’s plenty of broom and cotoneaster in the leafy streamside forest to keep folks busy for quite some time.

Update on Tuesday, June 28:  Slides that follow are now annotated! Just click the full screen icon in the lower right of the Flickr window, then click “show info” in the upper right of the full screen view.

And here is a panoramic view of the canyon, panning clockwise from Round Top Peak.  Is a good introduction to the lie of the land here, and to the vast acreage of French broom that needs clearing.

More soon!

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