Late May Storm on the East Ridge. Redwood Regional Park, May 25, 2011.

Real rain today, a steady soaking rain that lasted over an hour, and sharp gusts that kept snatching the umbrella that I use to shelter the camera. I got good and wet, and kept warm by gathering up cut broom from our recent workdays and carrying it across the Big Prairie to a place where there are no grasses to smother. In between showers I managed to get a few flower photos, and once the clouds broke in the early afternoon things cleared up in a hurry and a few butterflies even came out.

What with unexpectedly falling in love with these prairies, in the course of mapping French broom occurrences here, it has not escaped my notice that it would be good to become more familiar with the grasses of which they are made.  Natives, non-natives, all of them.  This next one is June grass, Koeleria macrantha, followed by one that I have yet to confirm but think may be squirreltail.

More to post, including a slideshow of the many grasses here.




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