Sibley Regional Park Restoration, Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yesterday was the third restoration work day at Sibley, and already the change is quite marked here in the draw at the head of Round Top Creek.  I made a critical mistake, however —  I arrived half an hour early, which meant I began pulling broom more than an hour late…

Sibley has some of the most magnificent views in the East Bay, especially from the east side of the park.  So I laced up my shoes and headed anti-clockwise on the Round Top Loop Trail.  If you have not yet done this, I highly recommend it!  As always, these photos are best in full-screen mode:

As a fitting conclusion to this loop walk, and a timely segue into the restoration work here, one of the giant, short-lived pines right at the return trailhead had fallen v.recently, probably during the night.  These planted pines are not native to this area and behave differently in growth form here than they do in their own rocky home, so that not only do they crowd out our own locally-adapted species but they lend occasional excitement from above as well:

Walk just a few paces north from the restroom area to the very beginning of the loop trail and you will be standing where these photos were taken!  In fact, you can see the trail sign just to the right of the family in the above picture.

Another such tree fell here just last month (as can be seen in the photos from that Sibley workday, and from today’s as well), and in my own anecdotal experience they appear to be falling thick and fast all over these hills.  Hopefully it won’t take having one fall on someone’s head to hasten their removal, at least from highly traveled areas such as this one.

And now, to the restoration portion of the day!  We were working in the same general vicinity as last time (see post for January), but continuing to move gradually NE through the mixed broom, baccharis, eucalyptus, and poison oak.

More to post on this! Coming soon.

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