Pulling Acacia and Broom in the Snow! With Friends of Sausal Creek, Saturday, February 19, 2011

Updated Friday, February 25 What a winter!!  Big, big storm blew in on Tuesday night and the rain has hardly let up since.  Torrential downpours Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, even greater torrents on Thursday, and frequent, steady rain during much of the rest of the week.  There was a bit of a break in the wee hours this morning, and then…

It looked as though there may have been a dusting of snow or sleet last night, at the tail end of the last storm, and then the new snow starting falling at around nine this morning.  On my way there I rather expected to find no one, what with the rain below and the snow up on the hilltops, but sure enough there was a crew at work pulling acacias on the knoll just west of the Fern Ravine wetland:

Lots more  to post from this day!   For the moment I am putting up the raw slideshow, so folks who were there can see some pictures in a timely manner.  I still have the “after” photos to insert, and some video to edit.  Coming soon!

As always, these photos are uploaded in high quality and are best viewed in full-screen mode.  Some are a bit out of focus because the light level was so low, but as they are intended for documentation it seemed worth keeping them in.

Feb.25 Okay here is some before-and-after footage!  This is a large part of why I started filming these restoration projects a couple of years ago — all these great folks do so much to clear room for our native, locally-evolved species to return and flourish, but everyone is so busy doing the good work that there is often little or no documentation of just how much really got done.  And it can be quite a lot, even in one morning of volunteering;  add it up over the seasons, and, just as the old-growth forests were felled one axe-blow at a time, so now they are being restored, one turn of the weed-wrench at a time:

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