Redwood Regional Park Restoration Work Day, February 5, 2011. Prince Prairie.

The sun was out, the people were out, and the spotted towhees were singing up a storm!  I arrived at around 11:30, as I spent the better part of two hours exploring nearby Prince Gully (see adjoining posts!), but here is a short clip that gives the flavor of the work day and shows the full current wave front of broom removal with two panning shots of the slope (fairly dry footage, largely of interest to those of us working at this site). Location is the same as last month, though with many more volunteers and, coincidentally of course, much balmier weather.  The brush is a mixture of broom (all age classes), large bushy poison oak (no leaves yet), and large old coyote brush that seems like it could use one of those occasional light ground fires that are a natural part the California landscape.


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