Friends of Sausal Creek Tree Planting Day, January 22, 2011. Fern Ravine.

Lovely, lovely morning planting dozens of trees on slopes bracketing the wetland at the head of Fern Ravine, near the crest of the Sausal Creek watershed.

After a brief tutorial from Megan on the art of planting trees, we were off!  There were varying amounts of rocks just a little ways beneath the surface, so at some locales it took a fair amount of effort to make the hole large enough for planting.  After easing the tree out of the pot, putting it in place, tamping down the soil, and mounding a ring of dirt around it to guide water to the roots, we mulched the soil around the tree and then enclosed it with chicken wire to keep the deer from browsing on it.

Note:  making this slideshow fullscreen and then clicking on “show info” toggles the annotations for each slide, including specific locale, plant species, etc.

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